What are organic products?

Organic products are goods produced by organic farming. They are obtained without the use of artificial ingredients and in full respect of the environment. Raw materials produced organically are constantly subject to checks, and their processing must comply with the EU regulations and national law.

For more information: www.aiab.it (Associazione Italiana per l’Agricoltura Biologica)

Why choose organic products?

Organic foods are more expensive than conventional products for several reasons, but in exchange they offer a series of priceless benefits for both health and the environment.

Organic farming is good for the environment and eco-sustainable, because it helps to maintain the delicate balances of nature. It contributes to the preservation of biodiversity, in other words plant and animal species that are more suited and resistant to a certain type of environment, without toxic substances; it also facilitates typical regional varieties.

Are organic products controlled and certified?

To be marketed, organic products need to be certified in order to guarantee their provenance from suppliers operating in accordance with EU regulations.

All companies intending to produce, transform, label, market or import organic products must submit to a control system by authorised bodies.

How can I know they're genuine?

By law, certified organic products must state on the label:

  • from organic agriculture
  • the Euro Leaf logo
  • the EEC control system
  • controlled by various organisations acknowledged by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

What kind of certification must products have to be considered organic?

There are numerous certification bodies for organic products, and their names appear on the product labels.

What quality certifications guarantee La Buona Terra products?

  • Bioagricert
  • IFS International Food Standard
  • BRC British Retail Consortium

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