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The story of La Buona Terra began in 1990 with the enterprising spirit, enthusiasm and courage of a young couple, Carlo and Teresa Mosca, who created a long-desired and planned project. Both already had experience in the production of breads and baked goods, and they decided to use it in their own business. They called it Grissinificio Europa. Carlo and Teresa's experience was combined with a desire to innovate. New recipes are tried, their passion and love for nature is expressed in new ways. And the company conquered its own market share with increasing success. Then came 1999. In Guarene, in the heart of Piedmont, land of enterprise and excellence, the Moscas' company became La Buona Terra. Their mission statement is clear: "Organic products without compromise". This means the recipes and techniques of bygone days, craftsmanship and natural ingredients, but enhanced by the input of technological innovation. And creativity.

And this hasn't changed. We don't rush our products, we allow them to prove slowly and naturally while we work every day on the most suitable recipes to meet our customers' needs. Our ingredients are organic, mostly Italian, free from GMOs and chosen with care. Our products are constantly monitored by internal control processes and accredited external laboratories; either upstream, with checks on the ingredients, or on the quality of the finished goods. For this too we have received the sector's most important quality certifications: IFS, BRC and BioAgriCert. Today La Buona Terra is part of the Monviso Group. Our "organic products without compromise" can reach even more people.


of outmost importance to us.


Why choose La Buona Terra for your table?

Experience and quality

At La Buona Terra, the secrets of good bread-making haven't been secret for more than 30 years. Ever since our determination to make breadsticks and other organic products took shape. Since those days in 1990, some things have changed, and others haven't changed at all. There's no change in our obsession - this is what we call it - for doing things properly, without compromise. What has grown, however, is our production capacity, supported by the input of new technologies.

Constant research to meet new needs

Over the years our commitment has remained the same: to work well, always. New goals have been set, such as improving our focus on specific dietary requirements and offering products that are appetising, delicious and healthy. We also put a lot of energy into thinking up new recipes. Always high quality. Because taste and common sensitivities change. And as they do, our desire to adapt to them, and often anticipate them, grows.

Artisan, organic production: our strenghts

Maintaining the artisan nature of our products is central to our company's approach, even with increased production volumes. The challenge is to stay rooted in the organic market, with the ambition and ability to innovate. We've improved our organisational process and systems to guarantee quality and safety for our distributors and consumers. We've introduced continuous monitoring at every stage of production. With a control system based on planned analyses of raw materials and finished products. Since 2009 we’ve obtained a number of certifications: IFS Higher level, BRC grade AA, ISO 9001, ISO 45001. Quality is also affirmed by our constant quest to optimise our production processes. And we continue to do this.


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